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Business information

Pat and Linda Raymond started an automobile repair shop at their home around 1972 located in Kane, Illinois.  In 1975 he built the business on the south end of Jerseyville, Illinois.  Over the years we have expanded the pre-owned automobile lot and repair shop.   We also have 2 wreckers and a rollback.  Our most recent purhcased wrecker is a 4X4.  We now have over eighty cars and trucks to chose from.  We also  have a storage facility with   several out buildings. 

What we do for fun

We have been married since January 1969.  We enjoy spending time with our three kids, six grandkids and our four dogs.  We have a small airstrip behind our house and enjoy flying planes and a powered parachute.  Pat also enjoys skydiving since his first parachute jump in 1992.  Pat & Linda also enjoy riding in their collection of antique cars.  Thier collections consists of a 1930 Model A, 1933 Plymouth, 1933 Chevrolet truck, 1964 Blue Impala Convertible, 1964 White Impala Convertible, 1971 Buick Skylark, 1971 Chevrolet C10 Pickup, 1979 Corvette and a Crosley.  We have been working together at Southside Auto since it first opened almost 40 years ago.